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Expertly Installed Retaining Walls Designed to Last

While rather uncomplicated in concept and purpose, it’s remarkable how significantly a property’s appearance can be enhanced by something as simple as a perfectly designed retaining wall.  Whether it’s your primary residence, your lakeside vacation property, or your waterfront commercial establishment, ending up with a finished wall that exceeds your expectations is something we at Martin’s strive for with every project.

There is essentially no limit to how unique your new retaining wall can be in terms of shade, angle layering and many other elements.  Here are some of the more popular retaining wall styles we specialize in here at Martin’s Custom Tidesides.

  • An expansive selection of specialty and concrete blocks
  • Retaining walls made completely from natural stone and boulders
  • Wood and natural timber for a more rustic look
  • Poured concrete for a clean, flush surface
  • Stone veneer and custom gabion creations

Advanced Process & Materials, Truly Distinctive Retaining Walls

Installing a perfectly-proportioned retaining wall that draws the eyes while complementing your property’s natural appearance requires the expertise and precision of a proven expert.  At Martin’s we’re constantly exploring new ways to improve the strength and originality of each wall we design. From the most basic foliage embankments to the most elaborate custom designs, we treat each project with the same high levels of professionalism and care.    

Whether it’s new construction or a long overdue new look, we invite you to call Martin’s Custom Tidesides at 315-573-3288 for answers to questions or additional information on our retaining wall services.

We’re located in Sodus Point NY and proudly serve the needs of homeowners and businesses across New York’s northern shore. Get in touch to discuss your project by calling 315‐573‐3288 or write to us 24/7 through our website’s contact page.